As an economical energy solutions provider, Rivoga Pvt Limited always takes responsibility to deliver a considerable commercial saving through its solutions irrespective of the sky rocketing global energy market.

Carbon Negative

Our Energy commodities originating from End of Life Waste incurs lower carbon footprints allowing our clients to benefit from a negative impact on the overall carbon footprint.


Sustainability and the consistency of our energy solutions always develop the trust among our clients. Continuous improvements in our supply chain, manufacturing processes and logistics ensures the continuation of our product supplies even at extreme situations.

Industrial Heating Applications

Rivoleum Supports To Energize A Range Of Industrial Heating Applications including but not limited to Boilers, Furnaces, Pre-heaters, Kilns and Dryers.

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Industrial Fuel Conversions

We Guide Clients with Our Expertized Engineering Knowledge To Convert Their Existing Fuel Types With Minimal Modifications To Improve Performance And Economics.

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Industrial Waste Solutions

We Support Industries to Focus On Performance Goals While Parking The Waste Rubber Hassle In A Capable Hand To Take Care Of.

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Energy Based Carbon Credits

Our Solutions Support to Convert Your Carbon Conscious Fossil Fuel Usage to Carbon Offset Energy Usage

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Did You Know?

Natural decomposition of one tyres requires about 150 years. Unregulated stockpiles of used tyres in the open environment create potential fire hazards, health and safety problems. It's time to resolve this in an eco-friendly way. As a responsible corporate entity, we scavenge waste tyre dumps and thereby help to control global warming


Economical, Carbon Negative, Sustainable Energy Solutions!

In last few years, we have been driving our innovative approaches to deliver Economical, Carbon Negative and Sustainable Energy Solutions to our valuable clients. Our energy commodities and solutions bring a carbon negative impact on energy intensive industries by helping them to convert into fuels with lower carbon footprint.

A Leading Carbon Negative Energy Solutions and Commodities Provider

Driven on a professional platform, we envision being the most promising sustainable Carbon Negative energy solution provider in Sri Lanka